Saturday, November 16, 2013

NOTD: Cult Nails "My Kind of Cool Aid" and a haul photo

This is another US brand, although I think they may be boutique rather than indie (and no, I don't know the difference really!).  I bought this ages ago from Harlow and Co, a Canadian company that aggregates indies and international polishes, and luckily ships to the UK.

My Kind of Cool Aid is a dusky lilac with a silver shimmer. It went on well, and I only needed two coats for these swatches. First up, no flash.
 Second with flash, you can see the silver better here.
 Lastly on the arm of my new settee, in daylight.
Finally a gratuitous post shot, thank god it was only me in!  In my defence, this is a redelivery of two days plus that day's post, so three days worth in total.  But they are all for me *embarrassed*, a mix of nail stuff and some Lego.

I had high hopes of My Kind of Cool Aid; on paper it's the dusky lilac that I like, with a subtle silver sprinkling. Cult Nails have produced one of my favourite ever polishes, Let's Get Dirty. However although it went on well, I have similar in my stash and probably wouldn't reach for it again.

Anyone admit to any polishes that they wanted for ages and then felt let down by it?