Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lego set 70502 - Cole's Earth Driller (Ninjago)

So, I totally buy Lego for my children so that I can build the sets. I will be disappointed when they can build them themselves! I love Ninjago, the elemental forces and mythology is something I can appreciate, so I hardly ever say no to a new purchase.

Robert had some birthday money burning a hole in his pocket, so we went to Toys R Us where they have the best choice. Here is today's purchase (perhaps I should have an LOTD?) from the Ninjago range, set number 70502, currently £17.99 in the Entertainer and Toys R Us.  Cole is the Earth Ninja, and this set contains his Earth Driller with a revolving front drill, Cole ZX and an evil henchman. 

Difficulty: The box says from age 7, but there is only one instruction book and the plastic bags are not numbered (hooray!). The gears were tricky to get in place. In fact I had to take it apart because I'd put a cog the wrong side of a brick so the driller part didn't spin when it was pushed along. I also find stickers very fiddly on these as they always go on wonky and then stick too hard to pick up again.  But that's probably my own cack-handedness.

Time taken to build: 40 minutes

Longevity: It's been dropped a few times and only one of the back blades has fallen off, so it may last better than some of the other sets (dragons! you only have to look at them and a wing falls off).