Monday, September 23, 2013

Mini music review: White Lies "Big TV"

This is the first album for ages that I have been looking forward to.  I absolutely loved "To Lose My Life...", it is an album that I listen to at least once a week and all the way through. The music is great and each song is like a mini story.

The second album, Ritual, was a grower and I'm not totally sold on it still. Perhaps the fact that it coincided with my redundancy after 11 years has somewhat coloured it for me. There are a handful of good tracks but I tend to listen to them by themselves.

Big TV is more like To Lose My Life than Ritual. Hooray! I think I've already listened to it more times than its predecessor.

You can listen to a sample of Big TV on Spotify.  If you like Maximo Park or Tears for Fears, you might like White Lies too.

The album described in one word: cinematic
Good track/bad track rating: 10/12 (and one of those is 0.49s!)