Saturday, September 14, 2013

NOTD: Models Own Sardonyx

When I first started reading blogs, it took me a while to work out what all these "NOTD" posts were. For those no familiar with the acronym it stands for "Nails Of The Day", and usually shows off that day's mani(cure).

On to today's NOTD. This is Model's Own Sardonyx, from their Velvet Goth collection. They have velvet lids!  I got them the day they were released direct from Model's Own (link here you get all five plus a base/topcoat for £20 delivered).  They're also available in Boots (on offer). I've heard they now stock in Superdrug, but I've not seen them (yet).

The Velvet Goth collection is five matte finish polishes, in dark jewel colours. Here is a swatch shot on a nail wheel.

The colours are 6. Obsidian (which has larger glitter pieces), 7. Valerian, 8. Absinthe, 9. Amethyst, 10. Sardonyx.  I had to look up Sardonyx, I'd heard of the other names in this collection, but not this one. Turns out it is the orange/red stone often used for cameos, and was carried by Greek and Roman soldiers into battle (with an engraving of Hercules or Mars) as it was believed to bring courage and victory. I think this doesn't quite fit with the colour of the polish, cameos are more of a burnt orange and the polish is a dark red so I would have though Ruby would have fitted better. But I guess it makes a change from a street name or "hilarious" pun.

This was a tricky polish. For a start the brush is horribly wide. The not helped by the one I had having a couple of stray bristles which were bent, these pulled out so at least I didn't have to get the scissors out. The texture of the polish is quite thick, so it was difficult to get the polish neatly on my nails and there was a lot of clean up required.  It also took a while to dry, given that you end up with thick coats due to the consistency this was to be expected. I tried some Miracle Drops (Leighton Denny) to speed it up but I could still dent it with my fingernail 30 minutes later and I had to redo two nails where I smudged them trying to open a piggy bank.

I've seen a lot of swatches which are freshly painted, so here is a photo after a morning shopping!  There is some tip wear, and a chip (on my other hand).  The following show two coats, with three on my little finger. Base coat used Nails Inc Kensington Caviar. No top coat as these are supposed to be matte.

I do like the effect and it is worth some hassle to apply, as this is unique in my collection. I love these rich jewel colours. The matte is sparkly and appears softly textured, but without the grittiness of the Concrete/Pixie Dust/Liquid Sand polishes. I'm not going to scratch infants by mistake with this one! After some initial tip wear, the polish has stood up well to a day's normal stuff, building a Lego Ninja driller, and a hot bath. The tiny bits of silver glitter are obvious on the nail to the wearer, but I doubt you'd see it on someone else. I have a feeling removal may require soaking, as this is a glitter polish.

Obligatory question to provoke comments: Have you bought these yet? More importantly, have you taken it off?