Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mini Music Review: Arctic Monkeys - AM

Spotify notified me this morning that the new Arctic Monkeys album was available to listen to (here's a link to it on Spotify Arctic Monkeys – AM). I've been a sort of fan of them since the beginning, I say "sort of" because I've found them to be a bit samey of late and I didn't even bother pre-ordering this one.

My feelings on it after two listens? If you like the single "Why do you only call me when you're high?", you'll be sad to hear that is the most catchy of the tracks and there is no other track that stands out. The lyrics are as well written as ever but I feel it is at the expense of actual tunes.

I don't think that this new album is moving their sound forward at all. If you liked Humbug or Suck It and See then this will suit. I can't see this getting any new fans, and after listening to it twice, I can't say that I feel the need to listen to it again.

The album described in one word: Worthy
Good track/bad track count: 2/12