Monday, September 16, 2013

NOTD: Color Club Eternal Beauty

Today's post is about Color Club Eternal Beauty, which is a purple linear holo. 

Holographic effect Nail Polish

I love holographic nail polish. Out of all the special effects you can get, this is the best! There are two types of holo available; scattered, where there is holo glitter scattered randomly over the nail (for example Nails Inc Electric Lane, or Butter London All Hail the Queen). Then there are linear holos, which create a rainbow (in a line, i.e. linear) on your nails (for example Color Club Halo Hues, M&S Rainbow, Gosh Holographic).

Color Club Halo Hues

Color Club's Halo Hues are, in my opinion, the best you can get. They have a great colour range, the holo is strong in all of the colours, they go on easily, last well and aren't hideously expensive.  I picked this one up on eBay for £8, but they are also sold at Sally Magpie's and their official stockist R&W Beauty. 

There are two sets of six, so 12 colours in total to get. And yes, you do need all of them if you love holos!


These swatches are two coats, with Nails Inc Kensington Caviar basecoat, no topcoat.  There's a few picture as I wanted to show how different lights affect the holo. And I loved how gorgeous my nails look.

First up, natural light.

You can just about see the linear holo, it was much stronger in person. In direct sunlight it is as good as it is with flash, On a cloudy day with no pinpoint light source, it looks like a metallic lilac. Often holographic nail polish is great when you have the right lighting, but can appear drab and patchy in normal lighting. The Color Club holos look just as good on a dull day.
These next two are taken with flash:
See what I mean about the holo? I can't believe I hesitated over this one, the swatches I had seen suggested that the purple was a lot darker but it really is a nice lilac.

The bottom line: 5/5

I got three days wear out of this, which given it had no topcoat was great. I only changed it as the sun disappeared and I had untried stacking up! Application was easy, I nearly did three coats for no reason other than I was enjoying painting my nails. As these aren't glitter, removal is as easy as normal crèmes, so no worried there.
The only negative is that they can be difficult to get hold of, and need to be an internet purchase as I don't know anywhere on the high street that stocks these.
Obligatory question: How many of these do you have? Heard any rumours of any new releases? Leave a comment!