Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The first post! Ciate's Mini Mani Month 2013

New Blog

So here is my new blog. I have been inspired by the many that I read to take the plunge into blogging (plus it looks good on your CV). I am sure I will look back on this post and think "that's messy" (assuming I have continued) or "wow I did that" (if I didn't).

Ciate's Mini Mani Month - first look

Anyway, on to the subject of the first post. Ciate's 2013 Mini Mani Month advent calendar.  This arrived from by Parcelforce from Selfridges yesterday. I was totally sucked in by the hype and the fact it was "limited edition" and bought it as soon as I got the email from Ciate saying it was available. I've heard (on Facebook) that there were only 50 of these made available at launch, but if it is like last year you will be able to pick one up closer to Christmas from Selfridges, or from the Ciate website or even QVC (and it will be cheaper after Christmas if you can wait that long!).

The contents

What everyone wants to know. Again there are 24 windows with each one containing a bottle. These colours are different to last year, and contain a few colours from 2013 collections. I'm a bit disappointed to see that they have included a base and top coat in your 24, but they have included a full size polish for number 24! Another slight difference is that along with caviar beads, they have also put a sequin and glitter pot. I never wanted to try caviar as I don't sit around on my backside all day admiring my nails (Disclaimer - I do sometimes!), but I might give the glitter a go.

Here is a shot of the back. Apologies for the quality of the photo, it's on my iPhone!

The back of the box showing the colours

We have:
Snow Globe
Ferris Wheel (Fairground Spring 2013)
Hopscotch (2012)
Sugar Plum
Fit for a queen
Kiss chase (2012)
Amazing Gracie
Pepperminty (2012)
Encore! (Dragonfly collection AW2013)
Party Shoes (2012)
Members only
Play Date (2012)
Ivory Queen (Complexion 2012)
Locket (Treasured Possessions 2013)
Pillow Fight (2012)
Speed Coat
Base Coat
Frost Yourself (caviar - exclusive)
Christmas Tree (caviar - exclusive)
Jingle Bells (glitter - exclusive)
Miss Mistletoe (sequins - exclusive)
Plus a secret full size Paint Pot!

My first impressions are this is a bit hit and miss, some of the colours I like I have already (thanks to the half price weekend they did a couple of months ago). Pepperminty and Kiss Chase are included in the Colourfoil kits, possibly others are in kits too but these are the only ones I have (thanks to TKMaxx!). Given the price tag (£42 plus p&p from Selfridges) it is less than £2 per mini so it does represent good value. I can't resist anything that promises to be "hard to find" so it was a no-brainer for me.

Did you manage to grab one in the launch? Are you going to try and get one nearer to Christmas?

So ends my first post. I may do another one (although this has taken me 4 hours!)